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The Knights Templar were initially founded in 1118 AD, by Hugues de Payens and 8 of his closest peers. Their initial ambition was simple; to protect pilgrims travelling throughout the Holy Land, but it didn't take long until the Order underwent rapid evolution out of necessity.



These brave warrior monks quickly found themselves protecting Christendom from a variety of foes and their prowess on the battlefield quickly led to them being recognised as an Order of devout, fierce soldiers of Christ.



Cyprus became one of the most prominent strongholds for Knights Templar warriors and after purchasing the island from King Richard I, the Templars went on to construct some of the most heavily fortified bastions in the Mediterranean.



After a local uprising, the Templars thought it best to give the island back to King Richard I and return to Syria, where their efforts to protect Christianity and its followers could be best served. It's this ethos and duty of care that modern day Templars of the OSMTJ strive to provide.

An Ancient Order, A Modern Brotherhood

Much has changed since the days of the Crusades. Our modern Order, the OSMTJ, is internationally recognised, counts a collection of Royal Patrons within its members and has become a noble, chivalric Christian Order that prioritises charity, fraternal bonds and integrity.



With the restoration of our Order in 1807 by His Imperial Majesty, Napoleon Bonaparte; our members prioritise honesty, loyalty and compassion to honour the memory of all that the Knights Templar stood and still stand for.



The Commandery of Cyprus was established by the

Commander of Cyprus, Francis Haggerty and Preceptor M. Anastasiou with the approval of Grand Master Mangum in 2020. We are Ecumenical and proudly accept members hailing from all Christian backgrounds.



Our aim is to honour the knightly virtues and to offer, in a modern setting, assistance to those in need. Our Christian backgrounds promote and emphasise the traits and attributes that our founding Templar Brothers sought to achieve.

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